EP114: 進入打機虛擬世界 | Enter the Virtual World of Video Games
Chit-Chat Chill 唞下啦! | 美國廣東話節目April 13, 2023x
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EP114: 進入打機虛擬世界 | Enter the Virtual World of Video Games

Chit-Chat Chill 唞下啦! | 美國廣東話 Podcast 節目
EP114: 進入打機虛擬世界 | Enter the Virtual World of Video Games
嘉賓: 娘娘🐿️ IG: @tinawsnn

EP114: 先前娘娘🐿️在Twitch上直播打機,那個遊戲正是我們全體都嚮往的遊戲,此乃以哈利波特為背景的遊戲——霍格華茲的傳承! 事實上,有人會喜歡自己打遊戲機,有人則以旁觀者身分欣賞遊戲,總之這些都是放鬆及抒發的途徑。我們都會在本集節目內交流自己對遊戲的喜好,因為每個人的喜好都各不相同,有些人喜歡合作遊戲,有些人喜歡刺激的恐怖遊戲,還有些人喜歡超逼真的模擬遊戲。如果您也想了解我們的遊戲喜好,快來聆聽這一集吧!| Recently Tina🐿️ was livestreaming on Twitch playing a game that all of us have been looking forward to, the game that is based on the Harry Potter world - Hogwarts Legacy! In fact, some people enjoy playing games by themselves, while others prefer to watch and admire the gameplay as bystanders. Regardless, these are all ways to relax and release stress. We will be discussing our preferences for games in this episode, as everyone's preferences are different. Some people enjoy cooperative games, others prefer thrilling horror games, and still others enjoy ultra-realistic simulation games. If you want to know our gaming preferences, come and listen to this episode!

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0:00 我們都想玩 Hogwarts Legacy 霍格華茲的傳承
6:11 我們喜歡那一類型遊戲
19:26 Co-op 遊戲 X 恐怖遊戲
33:16 模擬遊戲 模擬人生
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